Recreation & Activity Programs

Engaging Activities and Social Connection: Discover the Fun and Fulfillment Offered at Maplewood.

Person-Centred Recreation for Diverse Abilities

Embracing Individuality

In our community, we recognize and celebrate the unique strengths and abilities of each resident. Our recreation programs are thoughtfully crafted to embrace the individuality of every person, offering activities that resonate with their personal preferences and abilities.

Empowering Choices

Participation in activities is not just about engagement; it’s about empowerment. Residents are encouraged to choose activities that align with their interest and comfort levels, Whether joining group activities or opting for one-on-one sessions, each choice is respected, fostering a sense of autonomy and self-worth.

Gentle Adaptations

Understanding that our resident’s abilities may vary, our dedicated team is trained to provide gentle adaptations to ensure that every resident can participate comfortably.

Creating Joyful Moments

We believe in the power of joy. Our activities are designed to create moments of happiness and connection. Through music, art, and sensory experiences, we aim to evoke positive emotions and memories, contributing to an environment that promotes overall well-being.