Message from the Chief Executive Officer

Heidi Mannis, Chief Executive Officer

What welcoming communities we have at Maplewood House and MSA Manor! When you come here, you too will experience warmth and thoughtful attention. Our long history as a part of Abbotsford is evident by the many people who talk about how they have been touched by the care homes over the years.

We are so fortunate to have caring staff and volunteers, kind families and visitors, and engaged residents and clients, all of whom show how much they care in so many ways, every day. The people who live in the care homes and come to the day program share their stories, humour, ideas, and wisdom.

Everyone contributes to making MSA Manor and Maplewood House these special places. I am honoured to be in these remarkable communities. I look forward to being here every day, wondering how I will be gifted in what I see, hear, and do.

Join me in your own way as we all continue to make our communities comforting homes to live and visit, and great places to work.

The Leadership Team

We would be happy to speak with you. Please call us at Maplewood House, 604-853-5585, or MSA Manor, 604-853-5831.

Krista Homfeld

Resident Services

Mark Massar

Finance and Operations

  • Conni Wardrobe – Maplewood House Housekeeping Supervisor
  • Marcia Orellana – Maplewood House Food Services Supervisor
  • Jen Fisher – Maplewood House Recreation and Adult Day Program Manager
  • Christina Palmer – Maplewood House Care Manager
  • Kristen Hatt – MSA Manor Recreation Manager and Society Volunteer Coordinator
  • Leo Villanueva – MSA Manor Food Services Manager
  • Rene Lou Del Castillo – MSA Manor Care Manager
  • Sandi Kirschner – Executive Assistant

Board of Directors

The matters of Maplewood Seniors Care Society are entrusted to a board of directors by members of the Society. Board members are community-minded individuals who reflect experience and competence in areas such as governance, global perspectives, finance, law, business or non-profit leadership, healthcare, gerontology, fundraising, public relations and human resources. Equally important are personal attributes and qualities of character such as being personable, a team player, articulate, a good listener, dependable, ethical, and understanding of local values and cultural dynamics.

Message from the President of the Board of Directors

Jim Hume, President, Board of Directors

As the President of the Board of Directors for Maplewood Seniors Care Society, I am confident in our board members, who are a dedicated group of volunteers working towards a common goal, ensuring that the Society upholds its strong tradition of excellence in serving residents and clients on behalf of our members. We as a board have worked hard over the last years to change the culture at both our care homes and we are fully supportive of our leadership group as well as all our dedicated staff and volunteers.

Our Vision and Values that you see throughout our organization are the philosophies that allow us to govern and to make a difference in the lives of all who live and visit Maplewood House and MSA Manor.

We will continue to grow over the years and will ensure that we always value diversity, safety, individuality, relationships and respect.